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Our quick release mooring hooks type GMH are often used on mooring buoys as well. As a standard they are equipped with a rope keeper, a device to avoid accidentally slip of the mooring lines caused by for example waves. Hooks for mooring buoys are most often supplied as single hooks, to be integrated in the structure of the buoy. However, these quick release mooring hooks can be supplied as multiple assemblies as well.

The standard GMH mooring hook can be operated manually with a minimum effort, even at full SWL. A two-step release mechanism prevents accidental opening. All our quick release mooring hooks can be reset manually by means of a simple rotation movement. Rubber blocks absorb the energy impact during the release.

Our quick release mooring hooks are available in a range of 40 – 200 tons (SWL per hook).



Operating a mooring hook on a buoy can be a dangerous activity. Especially in bad weather conditions or in the unlikely situation that the quick release hook need to be released under load. Through the years of experience and evaluating feedback of our clients, we have developed a wide range of options. All these options are dedicated to the safety of the mooring operators.

All our hooks can be executed with the following options:

  • automatic release by meaning of a rope;
  • automatic release by meaning of a hydraulic cylinder;
  • an integrated hydraulic power pack for automatic release;
  • an integrated calibrated load pin;
  • a solar power system;
  • explosion proof components in accordance with ATEX/IECex.

Moreover, we have developed a sophisticated telemetry system enabling the port operators to control their mooring buoys from a safe distance. The system is using Wifi/UHF technology to obtain a wireless network and communication system between the buoys and the port operators.

Options within the Straatman Telemetry system:

  • integrated load monitoring software;
  • integrated automatic release software;
  • a sophisticated logging functionality storing all alarms, data and activities per vessel;
  • a single and clear schematic view of all mooring buoys;
  • a portable device showing all integrated software, even suitable for a hazardous area (ATEX certified).

Using the Straatman Telemerty System for mooring buoys will lead to:

  • increased safety of operators, equipment and environment;
  • the possibility to respond real quickly on unsafe situations;
  • insight information about mooring data which will lead to improvements.

Mooring buoys telemetry system - Straatman



Straatman quick release mooring hooks on mooring buoys for Canary Islands II


Proven in practice for more than 30years!


All parts are produced, assembled end tested in our factory in Holland!


Using our sophisticated options will increase safety!

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