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Our range of heavy-duty jet water monitors is specially designed for use on hopper dredgers. After discharging the hopper, the hopper cargo can be fluidized and removed by this equipment. Besides that, our jet water monitors can be used for support breaching on a cutter suction dredger. Rotation / levelling is managed by a hydraulic motor and/or hydraulic cylinder. Effective jet stream depends on nozzle diameter and the installed pump capacity.

We manufacture jet water monitors with an inside pipe diameter from ø 150 – ø 550 mm.



Our bends are specially designed for land piping and on board of dredgers. In our factory we have a hydraulic press of 1.000 tons to deform steel sheets in the right shape to produce cold pressed bends. The advantage of this method is that the hardness of the material will increase, because this deformation is a cold process. This results in a higher wear resistance. The several pressed parts are assembled and welded together to one piece. On request the bends can be provided with flanges.

Material: Standard Lloyds Grade A, other materials on request.

Sizes of our cold pressed bends: Inside pipe diameters varying from ø500-1.000 mm., R = 1 1/2 x D

Koudgedrukte bochten - cold presses bends
Dredge pipe pieces



Dredging pipes operate in severe conditions and have to withstand with exceptional wear and tear. As a result, the different components of the dredging pipeline such as discharge pipes or trailing pipes need regular maintenance or even replacement. We can deliver a wide range of pipe components such as:

  • straight pipe pieces with bevelled or flanged ends;
  • bend pieces;
  • hull piping;
  • inspection pieces;
  • reducers;
  • Y- and T-pieces;
  • loose flanges.



With our mutlidiscipinary knowledge and comprehensive machinery we can produce almost any kind of construction. Based on the design of our clients we are able to supply custom made products related to dredging. Especially when it is not limited to just steel works we can be of great service. No matter if it concerns hydraulics, pneumatics or even wooden applications.

If you have a request for customized parts, please go to the contact page or give us a call.


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